Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sacred Hand as Seen by Abhirup Sarkar

So now we have a sacred hand making the act of land acquistions pure and blameless. According Abhirup Sarkar, the land acquired by railways, or the projects done on them, are blameless because they are done by a public enterprise as opposed to the private enterprise in Singur. Agreed that the Indian Statistical Institute is a center of excellence, but it is difficult to imagine some of its luminaries strive for excellence in casuistry of the worst kind. Now, in 2010, a statistician from a premier institution is saying that government efforts are somehow "purer" than private enterprises. It will be completely unfair to speculate about how Mr. Sarkar got his appointment at the institute (his academic credentials could be way better than his mumbling on public policy on TV screens), but to any objective bystander this seems going way beyond the basics of objectivity. Nobody should have any quarrels with Mr. Sarkar when he finds out the faults of the Left Front government, but his credentials and media-posturing as a "bidojjon" come under a rather darkish penumbra of doubt when he forwards such specious arguments.

Is it now, "Krishio chai, Shilpo chai, Trinamool'er i shilpo chai"? If you are following the footsteps of a supposedly partisan government and fowarding the thesis of "amder shilpo" (our industry) and "oder shilpo" (their industry), then how better are you, sire, than those who you are fighting against?

If it is difficult to bite the hand that feeds you, please don't bite any. Or, stop using the brand of ISI to varnish the shoddy structure that is Trinamool's industrial policy.