Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sacred Hand as Seen by Abhirup Sarkar

So now we have a sacred hand making the act of land acquistions pure and blameless. According Abhirup Sarkar, the land acquired by railways, or the projects done on them, are blameless because they are done by a public enterprise as opposed to the private enterprise in Singur. Agreed that the Indian Statistical Institute is a center of excellence, but it is difficult to imagine some of its luminaries strive for excellence in casuistry of the worst kind. Now, in 2010, a statistician from a premier institution is saying that government efforts are somehow "purer" than private enterprises. It will be completely unfair to speculate about how Mr. Sarkar got his appointment at the institute (his academic credentials could be way better than his mumbling on public policy on TV screens), but to any objective bystander this seems going way beyond the basics of objectivity. Nobody should have any quarrels with Mr. Sarkar when he finds out the faults of the Left Front government, but his credentials and media-posturing as a "bidojjon" come under a rather darkish penumbra of doubt when he forwards such specious arguments.

Is it now, "Krishio chai, Shilpo chai, Trinamool'er i shilpo chai"? If you are following the footsteps of a supposedly partisan government and fowarding the thesis of "amder shilpo" (our industry) and "oder shilpo" (their industry), then how better are you, sire, than those who you are fighting against?

If it is difficult to bite the hand that feeds you, please don't bite any. Or, stop using the brand of ISI to varnish the shoddy structure that is Trinamool's industrial policy.


  1. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)February 17, 2011 at 4:55 PM

    . . . ./If Trinamool Congress' industrial policy is shoddy, what would u describe CPIM's policy as? these people have stayed in power for 30+ years & where is the development?? the people of west bengal would b really very happy if u can name even a few! please,,it is urged that u get your facts right first.

    Bengal was once the proud capital of India...and now the various statistical agencies are not even withholding to rate Kolkata as one of the worst metropolitan cities in the world!! (hope u read newspapers)
    and to remind u that TMC is not yet in power, so policy criticisms are quite illogical on your part!

  2. @Kolkata Citizen: So you agree that Trinamool has no policies yet. It is waiting to capture power first.

    Also, I guess, given the extent of your reasoning, the British moved the capital away from Calcutta because of CPIM.

    Wake up! The Left front has faults, I agree time and again. But no party, except one, has been so vague about what it wants to do. Trinamool's approach to issues reminds me the worst form of local club politics. Shout a lot, with little calm reasoning. And the party is built on an excuse - CPIM. Imagine the day they come to power. Miss Banerjee will have to create new enemies to survive.

  3. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)February 20, 2011 at 12:45 AM

    how can u think and of graduatin before u r born? how can u think of bein a doc wen u still havent passed class five? how can u walk in the fourth floor without crossing the lower floors?...... u must understand that it is a step by step therez nothin of capturin power first or last! every alternative comes wen therez a problem...and in this case too the prob is the cpim! so u shud stop dreamin inspite of bein wide awake!

  4. @kolkata citizen: I'm sorry, I should not argue with you. My mistake! Obviously you do not know the concept of shadow cabinet, a rather basic idea in political democracy.

    It is okay is one supporter is not politically literate enough to understand how a democracy works. The problem is that teh party chief is innocent of any such knowledge! Truly they have not been corrupyed yet, by any political education.

  5. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)February 20, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    ....mister blogger if u were so politically literate u wouldn't use ur current name in the first place. that just shows how early u r into political discussionz & ur political views & virtues needs correction.. if democracy means cpmz undemocratic ways then i really have to learn from u!
    u might mention that i have used "cpm" again but i should clarify that the challenge lies between cpim and tmc mainly (only) in w.b. jus like the third front(illusion created by cpim) wasn't accepted by Indian ppl similarly there isnt any need to bring in aliases for cpim in wb!!

  6. Thanks for accepting that you do not want any other political party in West Bengal. Not Congress, not BJP, not any other party. :)

    This just goes on to show how democratic you (or the party you support) are. :)

  7. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)March 9, 2011 at 9:36 PM

    ya obviously the main contention is between tmc & cpim. why mix up things by bringin aliases for cpim in wb? accept that cpim will lose. its a different story that all other parties will gain xcept cpim! whats undemocratic? how will bjp win or for that matter how will suci win??-----they dont hav the numbers.....dont go nuts!!!!!

  8. What a ridiculous criticism of such a renowned scholar such as Abhirup Sarkar. You don't even known that he is an economist and not a statistician!

  9. ...And now Mr. Abhirup Sarkar has been appointed as a member of the Higher Education Advisory Board, set up by the so-called "Trinamool Govt" in WB...surprisingly the Higher Education Minister in WB is Bratya BAsu who comes from a theatre & drama background...hope this does not turn out to be a melodrama!! I am really scared as to what this TMC Govt is up looks like theyare trying to do too many things at a time, just to gain the momentum & trust of people, probably they forgot that it's a marathon but they are trying to win the first 100m dash...and the icing on th cake - thanx to our media, specially Star Ananda, the kind hype they are creating with our current CM & her wont last long and people will soon wake up & realize the truth beneath...