Monday, February 7, 2011

West Bengal or Pakistan?

There is an uncanny parallel between Maoists in West Bengal and the Taliban in Pakistan. Both want to overthrow the constitutional state power to establish their own version of utopia, and both are getting help from mainstream political parties. In Pakistan, the key backers of the Taliban have traditionally been the ISI, the Jamiat, and Imraan Khan's outfit along with occassional sympathetic outbursts from the PML group led by Nawaz Sharif.

Yes, both are homegrown movements that capitalize on lack of development and resot to violence to achieve their goals. But you may think that Maosists are nowhere comparable to the Taliban, right? The Taliban are an international menace threatening to tear apart two countries like Afghanistam and Pakistan, and simultaneously is holding off the USA in Afghanistan. Apparently, they have sleeper cells all over the world, and, most perniciously, they have recruits joining their ranks every year because of a seductive ideology.

Are Maoists comparable with them? Look closely. There is a lack of clear policy articulation for countering the Maosists from no less than the central government. In West Bengal, Trinamool has deliberately fostered an ambiguity to shore up its electoral fortunes. The Left Front in unambiguous in its denouncement of the Maoists, which makes all other political parties go the other way for political expediency.

There are high-profile recruits to the Maoist cause and we see multiple media outlets soft-pedalling the issue. When Mamata Banerjee terms Buddhadeb Bhattacharya "the father or Maoist" (sic), she is not only deflecting blame from herself, she is also giving the Maoists some breather but focusing on the Left Front instead of the Naxal terror. Pakistan sees similar burlesque when political parties and media houses denounce Taliban killings but finally fix blame on the government to score political goals.

Dear dear dear Bangali Populace, let's understand very clearly in our mind: you cannot ever control an extremist, totalitarian ideology. Those in Pakistan who think Taliban are their assets are paying the price with the lives of common people who are killed in markets, shopping malls, and places of worship. Dear Miss Banerjee, Maoists are not an asset to you either. You who are playing with fire, should know that the same fire can burn your palms tomorrow. If you think that Maoists will spare your cadre when you come to power tomorrow, you are wrong. They will want their pound of flesh, their version of the Pakistani no-war pact, and they will want their version of Pakistani FATA, an area where the state's writ does not work at all.

Are you planning to create a free-land for Maoists in West Bengal Miss Banerjee? Perhaps, that is not in your Manifesto, but what you are doing will definitely lead to that. And those who do not learn from the mistakes of others, they pay with their own. However, in our case, the people of West Bengal will pay the price, while you, Miss Banerjee, will be ensconced in your RPF security ring safely somewhere in Delhi or Calcutta.

Do we want to pay this price?



  2. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)February 17, 2011 at 4:37 PM

    ....if u know so much it is then also advisable that u know , that the CPIM stayed in power (in W.B) for significantly long(30+ yrs) and enjoyed electoral victories with the active help of maoists!! tmc was nowhere in the political scenario;and is still not yet in power!!
    Your comparison of maoists with the taliban (of PAK) is irrational if not anythin else! the maoists have mainly become powerful by encashing on the sentiments of the tribals & backward classes in special economic zones which were bein exploited by the government. and i am sure u know that taliban is a menace to the entire world community; i guess maoists aren't even close! Cpm & cpm are two sides of the same coin...the difference lying in "marxists" & "maoists".
    please know the history of maoists developing so much power before u write intellectual trash!!

  3. The CREATOR OF THIS blog-profile>Say No To Trinamool; should be isolated for Defamation, Libel, and Slander.

  4. @kolkata citizen: Thanks for your feedback. :) Why is it that you need to invoke CPIM to justify what Trinamool or Miss Banerjee does? Does it prove that they have nothing positive to claim for themselves?

    Maoists have been dubbed the biggest internal threat to India and a few month ago people were debating whether to deploy air force to combat Maoists. Such a situation is nothiong short of a civil war, which, unfortunately, dear friend would not consider important enough.

    I agree that the Left front is not blameless, but Trinamool is outright weird and is led by a lady who pushes her senior leaders in swimming pools. I do not think that is any mental disorder, but that is not decorous either. I am afraid of being pushed into a swimming pool. Honestly!

    @Anonymous: So Trinamool supporters do not allow the freedom of speech either, do they? What I present is analysis, and not mere name calling. And, yes, I poke fun at the "Bheri Bad" accent. That doesn't hurt, I hope.

  5. what analysis are you presenting when the name itself is not acceptable? you are a staunch cpm supporter(without any specific justification) and am afraid you cannot be called a justified or neutral analyst.

  6. @Anonymous: It will help if you read the the description in simple words right below the blog name. Let the change come. But not this one.

    I will not be bothered about the "who else is there?" argument. And yes, if you want me to break it down for you, Trinamool is a greater worry than teh Left, Congress, and BJP. It is not a menace like the Naxals or the Bajrang Dal yet, but given the structure of the party (driven by one capricious lady), it has all the ingredients of a politcal atom bomb.

    It might make compromises with forces primarily because those forces are anti-CPIM. That lack of discrimination is encouraging the Gorkha Janamookti people and, yes, the Maoists.

    If you believe these two do not pose a threat, then I have no quarrel with you. If you, at some corner of your heart, believe that these two have the capacity of becoming a greater menace than all the CPIM cadres put together, then perhaps you'll understand my perspective.

    Btw, I'll support Trinamool if they change their policies and limit their leader's power. Un less it is an autocratic party, there shouldn't be any problem with that, right? And now perhaps you understand how the persecution complex of the Trinamool chief has spread amongst the supporters who are now, like some primitive fatalistic tribe, are chanting her name because they believe in a totem and cannot really explain the nuance of teh world they are in.

  7. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)February 20, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    . . . i would like u 2 clarify about who is your problem? trinamool or mamata or maoists or the prospect of left losin power in bengal??
    coming to maoists,, jus the other day i told u to do a bit of research into maoists' history..u kno that distinguished ppl like binayak sen have cried for the rights of the downtrodden (that includes ppl who idolizes maoism to make their point). the result was he goin to jail. but my frend i should also remind u that 40 Nobel laureates have pledged their support along with innumerable ppl..y they have resorted to violence u must kno instead of wantin to finish them off. i must also add,,that in the maoist cadres is included a lot of highly learned ppl like u....
    secondly if u r findin mamata so weird then u say me y r so many countless ppl supportin her? how so many ppl have backed her into defeatin SUCCESSFULLY and SUCCESSIVELY the once thought-omnipotent cpim!?
    thirdly i would request u to kindly see the trinamool website for their Constitution and policies,,etc. i must also add that every big thing starts with a small step and no suceess is without failure..OR MISTAKE! even our Indian Constitution is Amendable!!

    i fully sympathize with u on one point..i.e the prospect of left losing power in Bengal after a torturous tenure.

    finally, i should say there is something called humour.....i fail to comprehend on y u think that politicians should b the serious lott and cant have light moments?i guess u wasnt pushed inside the pool and the mayour dint have any u too shouldnt have.

  8. just wait for trinamool cong to expose the fraud and hypocrisy of CPM which is a truly capitalist formation led by people who apply dumdum dawai (meaning: cadre engaging in violence and rape).

  9. I am sure the Mayor did not have any problems when he was pushed in the pool. Neither did the government official who cleaned Mayavati's shoes. I am sure you support that too, dear fake supporter.

    Anon: And by devoting all their energy for the CPIM, Trinamool will bring money and employment to the state, right? That's why I say it is not a party of governance. It is too involved in the negatives and doesn't have too many positives going, except, of course, the grand statements that are yet to come true.

  10. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)March 7, 2011 at 9:29 PM

    what r u talking friend?? to dislodge the left will tmc say sweet sweet thingz about cpim?? is that politics?positive criticism is a sign of healthy democracy.. ..y r u forgettin basic politics? evry party and evry person has the right to criticize when a party goes wrong? get some better ideas & ways 2 support ur party? y jus b adamant ??