Monday, February 21, 2011

J'accuse or J'taime?

I have been getting messages from Trinamool supporters criticizing me for criticizing Trinamool and Mamata Banerjee. Some see a tacit love for the incumbent Left Front government in my critique of Trinamool. And they try to attack my arguments by accusing me of being a CPIM supporter, who, by their definition, can do no right. Hence this clarification post.

I am not asking anybody to vote Left. I am not here to tell you which ideology you want to see as the driving force behind the next government. I am not here to say who you should love, for that is your freedom of thought, speech, and democratic action.

I am here only to identify the flaws of one party. Yes, you might say that I am not being impartial in my fault-finding mission. Well, I do not have all the time in the world, and have to stop somewhere. I have stopped right after Trinamool because, honestly, one covers a lot of ground here. I agree that the Left Front has had horrendous problems. So, have Congress and the BJP. But I consider them a lesser problem than Trinamool.

So, I repeat, vote anybody, I say vote for SUCI or Samajwadi Party even. Bring Congress or BJP to power if you hate the Left. But beware of Trinamool!

Some may still see a subtle ploy of attempting to divide the opposition vote through such an appeal. Well, well, dear opposition, it seems you have united. So Congress getting more seats than Trinamool should not irk anybody unless they specifically want Trinamool to win, which, to me, is just a symptom of a totalitarian worldview based on aggressive policy of political aggrandizement. Remember, even the Left Front is a coalition. True Left supporters should not have a problem if CPI comes as a bigger power than CPIM. True Left haters should not have a problem if Congress or BJP comes as a greater power than Trinamool.

So, the basic question is: what does Trinamool want? Does it merely want to dislodge the Left, or does it want to accumulate total power? I guess we all know the answer, especially after it was so carefully explained by one of the Adhikaris. Trinamool doesn't ackowledge anything other than the Left. It won't concede anybody the anti-Left space.

So, dear Trinamool supporters, please do not spam my blog accusing CPIM. I agree with you completely when you say that the Left Front government has had major issues. So please do not bother badmouthing them to support Trinamool. If you have anything positive to say about Trinamool, or, according to one frequent visitor, its rather humorous, fun-loving, sporty, edgy, push-the-mayor-in-the-pool leader, you are honestly welcome. Criticizing the Left to justify Trinamool's existence only reinforces the party's vacuity. I am sure you can do better to support some outfit you like so much.


  1. it is not what the trinamool wants, but what the people of west Bengal Want? they dont want c.p.m for sure. they want trinamool cong.

  2. Marxists invent false histories – KPS Gill

  3. absolute not clear what does he want to concrete explanation of why no to trinamool?do you want to say that those who are supporting trinamool are less intellegent than you?

  4. Rightly said...this idiot has a bland explanation for WHY we should not support trinamool. he doesnt even have the points which reflect his reason for this perception. I myself supported communist party for so many years but because of fools like this cpm will not be winning . academically and politically very non compos mentis

  5. Anon 3: Conversely, do you think people not supporting Trinamool are less intelligent than you? As far as I am concerned, I do not think a person is intelligent or not because he/she support party A or B. How they present their arguments shows a lot about their intelligence.

    If you are not clear, there is an introductory post called "Why I Say No To Trinamool." If you have the time and patience, please go through and then argue. Your comment shows impatience and a fondness for non-squiturs like the one you introduced about intelligence.

    Anon 4: I am the least bothered if CPIM loses, and that was my point here. I wanted to clarify that I love Trinamool a lot less than other parties. As for why, the entire blog is dedicated to that. And I guess coming with a tabula rasa of a mind while commenting is far worse than somebody non compos mentis. Have patience, and try to understand that name calling never wins an argument or anything, unless of course Miss Banerjee wins this election.

    Thank you both for commenting. :)

  6. u are not presenting any viable arguments either , instead just dabbling in outright criticism and, singling out a party.

  7. The people of West Bengal want change. This desire is a sign of healthy parliamentary democracy as its foundation lies in change. For 32 years, the CPI(M) has been ruling the state by hook or by crook. This does not reflect well on the political situation in Bengal. Today the incumbent government does not have the support of the masses. This supposedly 'improved' Left Front Government is running on the wheels of money power, muscle power and the state machinery. The architect of this design is the CPI(M) and it is their misrule that has put Bengal into dire straits.

    The state is lagging behind in every aspect, be it social, economic, political or cultural. Needless to say, the state has made no progress in these 32 years.
    During the Left rule, poverty, unemployment and starvation have seen a meteoric rise. The CPI(M) is killing democracy in West Bengal and the democratic institutions are under the control of that one the party. Such autocracy is strangulating the democratic and basic human rights of the people. Every section of society is suffering from the iron rule.

    The CPI(M), which is rapidly losing base, has done nothing for the upliftment of the state. Rather they have been responsible for the dismal condition of Bengal. The government which had pledged to work for the people has now turned against them and is running the state with utter disregard to political ethics. They are no longer in touch with the masses. In fact the CPI(M) has consistently used the party and the state machinery to terrorise the state electorate.

    Their 32-year-rule has been the biggest obstacle to the state's progress. The end of the CPI(M) rule is the only way to put Bengal back on the tracks of development. This party has imposed itself on the people of Bengal and no progress is possible before they are dislodged. And it is the CPI(M) which is standing between Bengal and her development.

  8. Anon 1: All I am trying to say is that the "alternative" that is being touted is not viable. And yes, if that party "changes", I'll support it too. That party is undemocratic because it is run by a person. The day other Trinamool leaders will have the guts to stand up to their leaders (and not only stand up when she enters the room), then it will be easy for me to believe that we are not making another Caligula here in Bengal.

    Anon 2: CPIM, CPIM, CPIM. :) So Trinamool has no agenda of its own. Its reason for existence is CPIM? It is sad because it moulds itself into a negative image of CPIM, much like Pakistan did with India.

    The ideological confusion that is rife in Pakistan is there because they did not think what they are, all they thought was what they are not. This negative self-image does not help create, it can only destroy. I see a lot of parallels between Pakistan today and where Bengal might be under Trinamool. Of course, unless they change. And for that change to happen, Mamata Banerjee should step down as party's policy formulator and that job should be given to other Trinamool leaders. Let her be a star campaigner, but not first in the party. An equal among equals. Otherwise, she is a Mayawati in the making.

    Also, can you guys please read the posts before charging at the windmills of your liking? With supporters like these, who needs enemies?

  9. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: MOST parties [national and mostly regional]in india have projected individuals or leaders of their respective parties. some examples will remind you ....
    sonia gandhi of congress,
    mayavati of bsp,
    mulayam of sp,
    naveen patnaik of bjd,
    nitish kumar of jdu,
    lalu of rjd,
    ...reginal parties have their respective leaders.. what is the problem with that?

  10. you first form your own party,then we will see. you are just after mamata being the party leader! do you want the seat?? what is the merit in your point and endless criticism of trinamool and mamata?

  11. only after mamata tmc..tmc;; mamata..mamata tmc, trinamool mamata???? what is wrong? when you are after them no problem? and when people criticize c.p.m u talk of 'no agenda'? it is just non-sense!

  12. mamata banerjee kicked you out of a job that you know how to only spew hatred towards mamata and tmc withut any rhyme or reason?

  13. If the blogger is at fault, then pls let us know wht u want to do & how u want to do? Just show us one achievement which can be recorded with substantial document tht ur TMC leader has done in last 2 yrs? Emmotions & whims do not take us anywhere? people r entitled 2 know all these to assess the claimers. We r seeing & experiencing the elements at the ground level & also the leaders appearing in electronic media(!) Tleast we r afraid of their background

  14. 1. Anti-ism is no option. Ultimately, to say "no" to one, we have say "yes" to some other. Unfortunately, (or should I say fortunately?) in Indian democracy we have the option to choose only 1.
    2. For "healthy" parliamentary democracy we should have change. Please define / clarify "healthy". All the states and center in India have the history of MP-s / MLA-s purchased. I repeat ALL. ALL these states / center have seen "change". The only and the only exception has been our poor West Bengal. This MUST be an "unhealthy" parliamentary representative form of democracy. In case in the 2011 WB Assembly election TMC gets less than 147 MLA-s, but TMC+Cong gets more than 147 I'm sure we are to see this change as well.
    Also note that the incidences of cattle trading wasn't known in India before Indira Gandhi's tenure (regime?). Hence WB is saved from that!
    3. "For 32 years, the CPI(M) has been ruling the state by hook or by crook." This is a feeling CPI(M) should have addressed from Day 1 it had stepped into the ministry. I would rather suggest the leaders of the CPI(M) to change the party (or change the name of the party, that's even better!) and then fight the election.
    Let's ask the parliamentarians change the constitution of the country to stop this from happening. (This would be a unique nature of the parliamentary democracy with a tint of presidential form of governance. Great Blend! Another quick info to share with all - the present Orissa Science Minister was a failure in Science in the 12th! This is again unavoidable feature of parliamentary democracy).
    3. "The state is lagging behind in every aspect, be it social, economic, political or cultural. Needless to say, the state has made no progress in these 32 years." On the contrary, "The speed of the development in the early years of the rule has lessened recently", says Manish Gupta, the TMC candidate from Jadavpur.
    Also, please check the following links which proves from one of the poorest state in 1976-77 West Bengal transformed into one of the most richest one by 2004-05.
    1st link :
    2nd link :
    Also check the Gini Co-efficient (for definition of gini co-efficient : which proves the equality of the development across the different strata of the society.

    Lastly, one political question that baffles me. Will the joint operation continue if Mamta Banerjee becomes CM? With the central of the view that the Maoists are the single biggest threat to the India's internal security, would it be possible for the center to suspend the movement in Bengal? Hence, never mind Congress won't let a situation arise, when Mamta will make them "dance" at the center as she wont need Congress anymore, once she becomes CM!!!

    Note : I can patiently and objectively respond to all the claims which could be cited as a "good job" by Mamta Banerjee or portray her as a "good administrator". More, a lot more than enough is available in the internet. I am considering that no body is accepting "digging of road to cut off an area from the reach of the administration" as beyond "healthy parliamentary democracy", so is "evicting elected members of different panchayats" and not letting the elected bodies function.

    All the Mamta supporters, who believe her as a savior, please take note of the 4 TMC activists : Prasun Dutta, Jagannath De and the other 2 relatives of the "martyrs" of Nandigram.


  15. it is really stupid and cowardly of tryin to defame mamata through Prasun Dutta. does that suggest that if any worker or any person for that matter dies in front of any party office...congress tmc or bjp, the fault is with that party and its leaders? please dont mislead people .

  16. Atleast dont lie about rail-minister intefering in independent functioning of panchayats.
    go to various places, see the roads , drains and all. little by little tmc controlled municipalities are working.

  17. The list continues : Prasun Dutta, Jagannath De, 2 members of the family of Nandigram "martyrs" and Jharna Roy.

    Their primary demand was to meet Didi to ask some questions they had, which has been turned down. FICCI ex-chairman Amit Mitra along with a lot of other people have more faith in Didi than the other Trinamooli-s. This image of Didi had been created by the media and her supporters - "Jakhon chai takhon pai", "Aamar Montritto aamar kaache aamar paer chera juto-r theke-o sasta" etc.

    I don't know. Do we have any other house in the entire world with the combination of "tali roof" and AC installed? Also, I am "fortunate" enough not to have stayed in a Tali bari. But is it how the inside of a Tali Bari in this country looks, the way it is shown when we see "V"-s from the Trinamool candidates along with Didi?

    We might hate the term "party" or "Organised Party" or "Regimented Party". But this is an unfortunate inevitibility that we need a "team" and not an individual to run a government in our parliamentary democracy. Who are the other members in her team? She can't even trust her "second-in-command" (Is there or could there be any?)!!!

    I hate to take on any individual personally, but when one individual is hailed by a considerable number of individuals then the individual becomes an institution himself / herself.

    Once again the didi supporters here, I have no problem with your supporting Didi. But please enlighten me with some data / information (at least some links) which would help me to update my views. My problem, as a Marxist, is to if I see people supporting a political party without any anaysis of data / information at the 21st century, be that a supporter of CPI(M) / Left. I assume that people responding here are a bit advanced than a hell lot of other Indian who don't have access or don't access internet much. Internet user are supposed to have maximum access to information and hence would be analysing them most. So please help me to update my views by sharing information (at least links, not merely from newspaper in the era of "paid news", but from govt / official institution records) how Mamta Banerjee and 6 other TMC central ministers have performed. Also please keep sharing information / your analysis of the Zilla Parishads' performance for the past 3 years.

  18. Questions to the TMC supporters :

    Please help me to get the answers to the following questions, if anybody has.

    1. What is the actual investment of the Indian Railways in West Bengal for the last 2 years?

    2. How much did Indian Railways have to pay to the local newspapers of Bengal for publishing advertisements of the inauguration of different projects/ works by the honourable Railways minister?

    3. How many people and in which category have been recruited in Indian Railways in the last 2 years? (Note : the Vision 2020 document suggests a 1% reduction of posts every year)

    4. How much did the "Intellectuals" in different committees of Railway drew as "honorarium" from Railways for the last 2 years? These are public moneys and some of them are drawing as much Rs. 50000 per month.

    Please if anyone could help me with these information. The only information I have is that when asked under the provisions of the RTI Act, Railways responded with zilch.

  19. y put yourself as anonymous when u are the blogg owner yourself writing. reply as bloggowner only. it will be less cowardly.

  20. Unfortunately, I'm not the blog owner!!!

  21. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)March 19, 2011 at 8:12 PM

    1)can u say the peopl of bengal as to What is the ACTUAL investment of the CPIM-led West Bengal Govt for the last 30 years??

    2)How much did Bengal govt waste to pay to the local newspapers of Bengal for publishing advertisementz of its so-called "achivements"??

    3)How many people have got jobs or been employed in the state after the tall promises right through 2001, 2006 , 2009 poll-promises??

    I can give u some quick facts relevant :

    Employment Growth in West Bengal has Stagnated
    There is more to it. The opting out is certainly involuntary. Where are the jobs, outside of
    course, the business of working for the party? Let’s ignore crop production and plantation.
    Those are often subsistence-level and low in productivity, a point we will return to in a moment.
    Outside of these two segments, the Economic Censuses of 1998 and 2005 tell us what has
    happened to employment in enterprises, both rural and urban. For all of India, the annual
    average growth in employment in enterprises was 2.5%. But for West Bengal, it was 0.9%. It
    looks even worse if one separates out the rural from the urban.
    Excluding crop production and plantation, the all-India annual average growth in employment in rural enterprises was 3.3%. However, for West Bengal, it was 1.7%, significantly lower than the average. And for urban enterprises, the all-India annual average growth in employment was 2.4%, compared to
    0.0% for West Bengal. THERE ARE NO JOBS!!

    Table : Average annual growth in employment in enterprises other than crop production and
    plantation (%)
    [States] [Rural] [Urban] [Total]
    West Bengal 1.7 0.0 0.9
    Maharashtra 3.3 0.9 1.8
    Tamil Nadu 5.4 3.8 4.6
    All India state avg 3.3 2.4 2.5
    Source: Economic Census,5 prov. figures

    4)please could u say us from where (source)did u manipulate the 50, 000 Rs. figure?
    i can say this much that a prominent and eminent member in a honorary rail post is Derek O' Brien. as far as i know the blogger is followin him on twitter. u can ask him again. he has already told that he isnt bein paid even a paise for the job,, he earns enough through his other prominent role as a QUIZ-MASTER. the same is true for other intellectuals. i dont think they need your money to run themselves!!

    lastly,oblige the people of bengal by lookin at the dismal condition of reg. factories(the condition at the later years r worse; u will blame singur and all that in 2009-'10-'11; but look at it in the not-so-distant past also):

    [Table Registered Factories ]
    (Year) (Bengal) (Tamil Nadu) (Maharashtra)
    1961 4,311 3,677 8,233
    1965 5,643 6,486 9,186
    1971 5,577 5,941 10,241
    1975 5,626 6,270 11,425
    2005 13,465 28,326 30,385
    Source: Chief Inspector of Factories, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu; Directorate of industrial safety & health,
    Commissioner of Statistics, Chennai.

    instead of makin a hue and cry over mamata s 2 year term,, an assessment of the last 30+ years will giv u an insight as to why the people of bengal have changed the support of cpim as a political agenda for an agenda of change!

  22. [States] [Rural] [Urban] [Total]
    West Bengal 1.7 0.0 0.9
    Maharashtra 3.3 0.9 1.8
    Tamil Nadu 5.4 3.8 4.6
    All India state avg 3.3 2.4 2.5

    These figures look contradictory. Something is missing. What is the formula connecting Total with Rural and Urban? What is the significance of such a department involving only 3 states?

    If both the tables are combined, then we have to believe that 8000 industries set up during the 10 years but nobody was recruited!!! How come?

    Mamta's 2 years term is a small one which can be accounted for easily. Whereas asking for 30 years of anybody wd b very complicated. However the cost of propaganda are to be tabled during the state budget shortly. Even I'm waiting for that.

    Lastly, they do take money, though none of them need. Remember, most of them worked "free" for the state govt some years. Now they take "honorarium" and not "remuneration". At least, that's how Bratya Basu withdraws his share. He is drawing his full salary as the professor as well.

    Lastly, the second table does not include self help groups (swa-nirbhor ghosti) which involve 1 cr 40 lakh people, 90% women. I'm not sure whether this includes the small scale industries as well.

    I would also like to know is this report available in the net? Could you share the link? I would like to scan it more.

  23. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)March 20, 2011 at 12:07 PM

    please answer the questions first. instead of puttin words in peoples mouth please let us know your source of "50, ooo"....

    and,if mamata had just 5 yrs the ppl of bengal will see the change they believe in!!

  24. Ota newspaper-ei beriyechilo bhai. ekhon Officially RTI act-e proshno kora hoyeche. Ha pittesh kore boshe aachi, kabe officially declare korbe. Tai confirm kato niyeche bolchi na. Kintu kagoj-e jakho beriyeche, tai prochar korar aage jachai korte Railway-kei jigyes korechi. Tomader confirm jana aache je tara free-te koreche? Kothaye published hoyeche? Ei shob data kintu website-e publish hoye thake. Aami pele link-tao share korbo.

  25. Everything is not avaiilable in internet links, these statistics/data of states come out in journals and bookks by national agencies. Question the formulator for formulas.
    Dont b so stubborn in acceptingg cpm failure

  26. It's not about stubbornness! But the facts should be collected properly and then only the interpretation would be correctly. By the way, most of the data that could prove the achievements of the LF rule in bengal could be proved in most of the central govt-s reports and a hell lot of them are available online.

  27. pleasz see :-

    [for details regarding wb decline in ALL spheres during cpm misrule; corroborated with central stat agencies.]

  28. Why is partial information displayed in the Manifesto regarding the industrial development during the LF rule? It does reflect though the effects of License Raaj and the Masul Samikaran rule.

    The agricultural & other infrastructure data are misguiding. Should have shared the complete table along with the bigger national picture.

    If Kolkata becomes London, with the present increase in the price of Readymade Garments due to the Central Tax, cold bite would be too much.