Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Poribortoner Gaan (Sokhi Bhabona Kahare Boley?)

Didi, khomota kaharey boley?
Jano sotota kaharey boley?

Tomra jey bolo, dibosho rojoni, "Godi chai, godi chai."
Didi, raajniti karey koy?
Sheki keboli jhamela moy?
Sheki keboli vote'ro chhol?
Sheki keboli singurey ghaash?
Ki dukhero torey, lokey tobey korey, emono didi'ro aash?

Tomar chokhe to shokoli Kishen,
Shokoli Gurung, shokoli Bimol,
Paharey aagun, Singurey kondol,
Hotash holoje, Kobir Sumon-
Shokoli tomari moton.
Keboli kande, keboli chenchay, doritey jhuliya morite chaye -
Chhoyni kolom, mejajey gorom, bhulechhey tader shokolo shorom.

Rail jey chhutitey chhutitey maarey, shilpo kandiya palaye jaay,
Kanditey kanditey oi lalgorey koto lokjon morchhey haay.
Tobey, tomar moton sukhi ke aache, sushil somaj tomar pashey -
Sukhi staboker sukher gaan, suniya tomar jurabe pran.
Protidin jara kandichhey ekhon, ek din tara koribey tara-
Ek din oi ghashful chhentey, shokole miliya gahibo mora.

Didi, khomota kaharey boley?
Jano, sotota kaharey boley?

Tomra jey bolo, dibosho rojoni, "Godi chai, godi chai."
Didi, raajniti karey koy?


  1. kolkata citizen, India (http://twitter.com/ tmcsupprtr_fake)March 7, 2011 at 11:27 PM


  2. kolkata citizen, India (http://twitter.com/ tmcsupprtr_fake)March 9, 2011 at 10:08 PM


    Come elections, come the advertisements — principally by the state’s rulers who have to highlight the good work done by them in the preceding five years. Thanks to the electronic media, there is no getting away from such publicity blitz. Like it or not, one has to see these advertisements — changing channels is of no use as the ads are all over in every local channel. Perhaps there is nothing wrong in this, particularly since some of the claims are quite revealing and get the viewer, that is, the voter, to think. Take, for instance, the ad in which people are seen asserting that their purchasing power has gone up. The intention is obviously to let the world know the economic progress made by the state under the present dispensation. But then, the same ruling party misses no opportunity to draw attention to how the common man is suffering because of the “misdeeds of the rulers in New Delhi”.

    Now, how can the two things happen at the same time? How can a Bengali voter enjoy more spending power because of the Left Front’s good governance and yet be impoverished, as the Front constituents claim, because of the ruling Congress and its allies at the Centre? Also, it is common sense that if the man in Bengal has a fuller pocket now, then New Delhi’s policies must have contributed to his happiness.

    This obvious dichotomy, however, can cause little embarrassment to the Marxists WHO HAVE BECOME SHAMELESS..yet Advantage Left Front, at least on the publicity sphere. The detractors of the Left may insist that this is no real advantage, that the claims of progress will be ignored on the voting day. But that is for the future.

  3. Metro rail cud have been extended atleast 3 yrs before. It was only the rail minister who blocked the extension. Now she is not entitled 2 claim the credit of profit. Rakes r still awaiting 2 make the journey comfortable.