Monday, November 15, 2010

Is Rajarhaat Another Singur?

I do not think Rajarhaat will be another Singur for Mamata. With Singur, the objective was really limited. And, no, it was not getting the land back for she knows full well how diffcult that can be. In Singur she wanted to make an impact, and so she did, by allowing her partymen to manhandle the Tata employees. It was about making one organization, the Tatas, uncomfortable.

In Rajarhaat she won't dare to launch anything big simply because more people are involved. If she manages to intimidate residents of one apartment complex, she'd plant cold fear in the hearts of lakhs of middle-class homeowners who have invested in Rajarhaat. Also, there is a big chance that Gautam Deb might call her bluff with his shrill and relentless communication campaign in various media. Trinamool shouldn't dare to go in there unless their chief is severely misguided.

What do you think about it?



  2. #Anon: It seems I was right back then. See how Trinamool has forgotten the issue of Rajarhaat. Nothing came of it.

  3. I think it's Goutam Deb whose strong confrontation stopped TMC supremo from making any nuisance at Rajarhat.I hate any person-centric politics(that TMC does) still I feel if there was another Goutam Deb at Singur from the very begining,Bengal would not to face the 'shame' of selfdestruction.