Friday, November 26, 2010

London Dreams

I heard that the next time I go to Calcutta, our plane will land at Heathrow instead of Netaji Subhash Airport. Calcutta, after all, is about to metamorphose into London. Or, so Trinamool said. Mamata Banerjee said "LawnDon".

Noble intentions! So, do I see the Trinamool Mayor working on any plan of making good of the promises? Like making the strand anything like what we have with Thames? Or, perhaps, formalizing a plan of restricting cars in the central business districts? Or, using some innovative tax schemes to raise more money? Or, anything?

Of course, I don't know the answer. But will he? Is there any honest intention to make the election promise worthwhile? Doesn't seem so, especially when the great and busy Mayor doesn't have time to attent honest initiatives for the city's development. Perhaps, he is waiting for Mamata to be the CM. After that, the British suggestions and sponsorships will suddenly start making sense.

I believe Trinamool when they say they are anti-Left. Sadly, they do not invoke a shadow of a speck of a drop of a pinch of an iota of trust when they spell out their development plans. Sorry sister, I can't call you a liar, 'cause that would be unparliamentary. However, you and your party make absurd electoral promises that remain untrue till date, unless you get a special freight corridor to transplant Whitehall and the entire Piccadily to Kalighat next week. I am bheri shawry to say that you need to peddle stronger dopes to sustain the London dreams (hallucinations) you sold.


  1. Unlike you I hate the CPI (M). There are enough reasons that you must have heard from enough sources. I would like to add 2 more 1> capitals.This is a trait of leftists all over the worlsd & our comrades too excel in it.
    2>Encouraging the unworthy to demolish excellence in all spheres of public life.
    Sadly TMC is better at all CPMs follies, including the 2 I mentioned tha CPM itslef.
    Its our misfortune that the people of bengal could choose only that leader & her party over the left,who have decisively proven they are worse.

  2. Thanks, Rajarshi! :) I am with you all the way. The tragedy is that when CPIM tried to shun away hypocrisy (embracing capital under BB, voicing concerns against doubtful madrasahs, and above all siding with the Tatas), the public opinion in Bengal turned away from them. I guess that is okay too in a democracy. But, as you rightly said, Trinamool is "better at all CPM follies" and that leads to me to question any choice of Trinamool as the next party in governance. Go for Congress, BJP, CPM, SUCI, PDS, anybody, but not these. :)

  3. kolkata citizen, India ( tmcsupprtr_fake)February 17, 2011 at 5:16 PM is because of the people like u that even the people who want to work cannot due to your negagativity and pessimistic attitude!
    how do u know that the mayor doesn't have time?? are u his personal assistant?.....
    and how trustful is the CPIM? ...i forgot;they did not do any work only, so nothing can be told about that! haha!!

  4. Right! Next time, ask me to be positive about the "trustful"ness of the Taliban as well.

  5. this blogger seems to be knowing too much about the TAliBAN.