Friday, November 12, 2010

Why I Say No To Trinamool

Why do I need to bother if Trinamool comes to power? I used to think that what can be worse and all. It seems Trinamool will be worse.

  1. It is a thoroughly undemocratic party that runs on the whims and fancies of one person. Sonia Gandhi has to balance the regional Congress satrapies. Left has to balance the district lobbies. Mamata Banerjee doesn't have any such needs. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and it is already showing.
  2. Since nobody inside her party can criticize her, she has asked the Left to not ask questions for 10 years. Should the people of West Bengal be silent for 10 years as well? Pray, for what?
  3. Notice her deep-seated desire to be "seen" as an administrator, which is good if planned. But, she, in her eagerness, doesn't care for any principles of governance. She has been embarking on projects that'll "market" her well. Such superfluous preoccupations will continue even after her party comes to power.
  4. Notice on her ambiguity: in speech after speech, she would "hint" at Left sabotaging the railways. Nowhere she presents proof.
  5. How feasible is her assertion that government will not have any role to play in facilitating land acquisition? What would stop the Left to plant a mole in all all proposed acquisition areas and ask the person to keep refusing offers, almost exactly the same thing she has been doing?
I say no to Trinamool because it justifies all its policies by the recent electoral successes, a position that is primarily majoritorian and might lead to despotic tendencies once elected. I will continue saying no to trinamool till it brings inner-party democracy (not the facade of committes because the chief can't manage the bulk) and has anything other than anti-Leftism to offer.


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  2. "SAY NO TO CPIM!!! "

    Both Obama & Osama Says that....!!! wats next??? ;)

  3. CPI(M) is hated by both Obama and Osama (Maoists). And Trinamool is favored by both.

    This authenticates CPI(M) as pro-people despite all it's shortcomings.

    Saying No to CPI(M) is saying No to Oneself. And this is exactly the way world witnessed the rise of Hitler.

    In Trinamool there's no one to question an authority. What if one wrong decision is taken? To err is human being. No harm if Trinamool makes a wrong decision. The problem is who's to tell it Mamta that it's a wrong decision. The media in Bengal is too purchased / bent to project her as next CM as they are funded by "Obama" (or the Corporates). So they can't criticise her else they would lose on the Ad-s and other benefits these media organisations get.

    So the only alternative is the left and very strong line of criticism within the left when the left is taking some decision which we feel should not be taken.